Past Conferences

Walt Whitman’s poetry, written in the nineteenth century, continues to have a strong impact on literatures and cultures worldwide. Every year new editions of Whitman’s work are published in a variety of languages; an ever-expanding group of poets “talk back” to him in their poetry; his poems are set to music and are quoted in films; he is invoked in the discussion of political and cultural issues, as well as of gender and sexuality; and he continues to be a huge presence in college and university curricula globally. In order to respond adequately to this international phenomenon, TWWA sponsors a yearly International Whitman Seminar, during which students from different countries come together for an intensive, credit-bearing Seminar taught by an international team of Whitman specialists. The seminar is followed by a one or two day symposium, featuring presentations by Whitman scholars from around the world. Previous conferences are listed below.